New Years Eve on Khaosan Road

Having chosen to stay at the Rainbow Khaosan Hostel and Guesthouse in a private room and not knowing there wasn’t much of a common room besides the Indian restaurant as you enter, my time had mostly been spent solo.  I had been preparing for the new job, working on the blog, and an afternoon at the teacher placement agency. Now it was the early evening and I had no solid plans besides meeting up with friend and her friend for a drink.  That and I had a drinks with a girl from Tinder in the works.

As I went to go meet them I was surprised to see the level of security on display.  Not only was the police out in force, but Khaosan Road had barriers up to stop people from getting in.  You had to line up, go through a metal detector, have your picture taken, and then show your passport.  It was clear to see that after the tragedy of the bombing in Bangkok back in August that the Thais weren’t taking any chances.

By stroke of luck my friend ran in to me as I lined up to get onto Khaosan.  To kick things off I bought us big Changs from 711 and the three of us strolled and sipped on our beers as we took in the sights around us.  Bright lights. Milling crowds.  Neon lighted headsets.  Pretty hostesses beckoning us to sit down at their bar or restaurant. Excitement and revelry in the air.


After walking around a bit we rocked up at a less than capacity filled restaurant and bar with a prime located table to people watch and chat while nibbling on spring rolls and knocking back our beers.  We then decided to go for a walk down Rambuttri road where her hostel was located.  The scenes were similar to those on Khaosan; massive crowds and people priming for a big night out with bottles of beer and Thai whiskey stacking up on either side of the road at many of the tables.  I looked at my watch and said my goodbyes as I went to go find my date at a bar.

When I finally got to the bar after struggling through the still growing crowds she went radio silent on me.  I walked around the bar trying to see if I could spot her but to no avail.  Just when I thought my night would end on a low note another of the girls I had been speaking to said she was on her way.  Now I only I had to fight my way through the crowds, charge my phone for long enough to stay in touch with her, and then fight my way back!


It took a good 20 minutes to get to the 711 where I was to meet her.  By that point the beer was starting to catch up with me and I completely lost track of time.  All of a sudden it was ’10, 9, 8….3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!’ The crowds went wild.  People were shooting off entire cans of silly string into the sky and over anyone within spraying distance.  Absolute mental scenes.  It was truly the wildest NYE I’ve had and only last year in Sihanoukville can compare.

With a sigh of relief I at last reached the rendezvous point and there she was looking gorgeous.  We sat out front and drank beers before going to mix with the crowds as by that point they had begun to thin.  I won’t say how the night ended other than that we had a great time and for two people who had no solid plans, we certainly made the most of NYE for such short notice.

How was your NYE?  Did you spend it with someone special in an exotic locale? Were you on Khaosan road?! Happy New Years and safe travels!



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