The Winds of Change…

Next week will be my last week here in Chok Chai before I start my new job March 7th.  Originally I had planed with renewing with my current company and going to a high school in Nong Kai, the border crossing point with Laos. But out of interest, and second thoughts with renewing with the company, I went on to and found a school in Trat offering a year long contract with  paid vacation time, 2hrs from Koh Chang, and near Cambodia, I decided to apply.

A couple hours after I sent an email to the agent, responsible for liaising between applicants and the school, she replied and we set up an interview for the next work day.  The interview went well and after some negotiating on the start date, I was offered the job!  What this job means is that now I will still be teaching high school students but now on a full year contract with opportunity to go to Koh Chang and Cambodia on the weekends.

The other upside of moving to Trat is that it is big enough to actually have a gym and, cross fingers, apparently a muay Thai gym.  Last year on my travels I went to Pai where I spent a month doing muay Thai training and fell in love with it which awoke my desire to get in better shape.  So I’m hoping with this move I can focus more on getting fit and taking steps toward one of my bucket list items, to eventually have a muay Thai fight.  That goal is a long way away but I’m excited to be getting back on track.

From March 7th to April 8th I will work at the new school until the end of school semester.  From what I understand I will just be proctoring exams, marking them, and planning lessons for the next semester starting in May. In between then I aim to go to Koh Chang for a weekend; so expect a post on that and the subsequent feelings of beach envy if you are not so lucky to be in warmer climes.

My 1 month vacation time promises to be fun.  On the evening of April 8th I’ll be headed to Bangkok for the night before catching a plane to Chiang Mai early the next day.  In Chiang Mai for the 9-10th I’ll be participating in the 10th annual Chiang Mai Ulitmate Frisbee Hat tournament.  Back in Korea I used to play in the ROK U frisbee league so I’m psyched to get back on the field of battle catching hammers (a type of frisbee throw, not a literal hammer!).  Playing in an ‘international’ ultimate frisbee is another one of my bucket-list items which will make this an even more special experience for me.  At the same time someone special to me from Korea will be coming to visit and celebrate Songkran with me in Chiang Mai.  After the tournament and a few water soaked days of Songkran in Chiang Mai, my guest and I will head back down to Trat for a day before finishing up in Koh Chang for a few days.

On the 18th I will head to Bangkok with my guest where I will catch a flight to Abu Dhabi to visit my father for the remainder of my vacation.  There I will adopt  2/3 of Mike ‘The Situation’ from Jersey Shore famous GTL.  I’ll be hitting up the gym and tanning by the pool by day and relaxing by night. I’ll be there until May 6th when I’ll be returning to Thailand in time for the next semester.

Good times ahead then!  I hope you’re on the road to reaching your goals, whatever they may be and that you stay tuned for some exciting posts over the next couple months; Koh Chang, life in Trat, ultimate frisbee and Songkran in Chiang Mai, and Abu Dhabi. Peace and love!


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