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Hello everyone, my name is Sean AKA a backpacking teacher. I grew up in the UK and  in 2005 I moved to Canada. Travel is unquestionably one of my biggest passions in life and it began with my first plane ride to Canada. I wondered about what else lies outside the daily existence we have at our place, village, town, city, country, and continent. Luckily my parents shared the love of travel and encouraged me to broaden my horizons, sending me on school and extracurricular trips to France, Belgium, and Japan. From there I went on further travels with my family to places like Mexico and Thailand. In university my interest in travel took a new direction.

As the financial crisis exploded and somewhat disillusioned me from a career in politics, I looked to international job opportunities to escape the gloomy economic prospects that lay in wait after graduation. I’m not sure how it happened but one day I stumbled upon articles about teaching English in South Korea. I read a lot about it and it seemed like a great idea and something I could do which would help me travel while giving me a great opportunity to gain international job experience.

In the summer of 2013 with nothing to lose I decided to take a trip to Vietnam to volunteer teaching English at a vocational college as a personal test to see if this would be something I could enjoy doing. Those 6 exciting weeks in Ho Chi Minh City gave me the direction I needed. Once back in Canada I got an online TEFL certificate and worked away at the visa documents until the spring of 2014 I landed at Incheon airport and began teaching English to kindergarten and elementary students in a small city called Gyeongsan.

Just like the time I spent in Vietnam, South Korea gave me the direction I needed.  I decided I would make teaching English my career. Since then while there have been ups and downs I have been able to travel Asia and develop my skills as an English teacher.

What is the purpose of this blog? To show people it is not impossible to live a life abroad, save money, live comfortably, develop professionally as an English teacher, and travel the world in an affordable socially conscious manner.

Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I am!


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