An ongoing list of things I wish do to….it keeps growing!!

  1. Backpack through SE Asia BK
  2. Backpack through Eastern Europe
  3. Backpack through Central America
  4. Backpack through South America
  5. Complete a month of muaythai training in Thailand  muaythaipic
  6. Return to Pai and do more muaythai training at the Charnchai gym
  7. Have a muaythai fight in Thailand
  8. Get PADI certified
  9. Teach English in SE Asiateachingpic1
  10. Mountain bike down the infamous ‘Death Road’ in Bolivia
  11. Get CELTA certified
  12. Teach English in the UAE
  13. Get TESOL masters degree
  14. Teach English in a university
  15. Hike the Inca trail
  16. Visit Machu Picchu
  17. Teach English in South Korea teachingpic2
  18. Go paragliding
  19. Go bungee jumping
  20. Go skydiving
  21. Trek through the Amazon jungle
  22. Go dog sledding in the Canadian Arctic
  23. Learn a language (I can read a good bit of French…..)
  24. Volunteer with an NGO
  25. Play in an international ultimate frisbee tournament
  26. Play on a league/tournament winning ultimate Frisbee team
  27. Run with the bulls in Pamplona (without getting gored to death….)
  28. Visit Angkor Wat Angkorselfie2
  29. Take a cross Canada train trip from Halifax to Vancouver
  30. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad from Moscow to Beijing
  31. Eat at a Michelin star quality restaurant
  32. Make this blog big enough to enable me to take an extended backpacking and volunteering trip
  33. Master the art of the GoPro camera
  34. Go tubing in Vang Vieng vvpanorama
  35. Go deep sea fishing for marlin and sailfish
  36. Go on safari
  37. Go cage diving with Great White sharks
  38. Swim with Whale sharks
  39. Celebrate Songkran in Thailand


40. Celebrate the Full Moon party on Koh Pha Nang