With backpacking you can get away without knowing too much or planning out an entire itinerary. When it comes to choosing a country to commit to a contract for up to a year or longer, then some research is advised. But fret not my friend; I have put together a guide to each country drawing my own teaching experiences, those of other teachers, and a variety of sources from around the net.

South Korea

AKA the Hermit Kingdom. A small country that packs a punch and is steadily growing as a player in the international scene. It has long been a destination for people seeking to try their hand as an ESL teacher. A comfortable lifestyle, cute kids, good salaries and benefits, K-Pop, and a modern culture with a dash of traditional values are just a few of the great things on offer in South Korea.


AKA the Land of Smiles.  A truly mesmerizing country with so much so to see and do. From the gorgeous and hedonistic islands of the south, to the hustle and bustle of the big bad BKK (Bangkok), and the culturally rich regions of the North, Thailand has something to offer everyone. Thailand is a wonderful place for someone seeking to take a year out and try teach English abroad in stunning surroundings.