Eating Out 1: Nai Meng in Bangkok

Hello everyone and happy New Year and all that jazz! It has been a while but I’m back with a quick post that will be sure to tempt the taste buds and kick off a new feature I’ll be running on the blog.

Eating Out with cover the food porn I come across along my travels and while it will focus on cheap eats for the backpacker at heart or just budget conscious, from time to time I’ll post about more upscale joints.

What better way to start off this series than a post set in the backpacker capital of SE Asia; Bangkok.  With the help of my viisting childhood Taiwanese friend and her desire to sample the delights of Bangkok without breaking the bank, she found us a super little Chinese/Thai noodle shop that packs a punch above it’s weight in the value and taste departments.  The restaurant, called Nai Meng, is situated near the Sala Daeng BTS station and is truly the definition of a hidden gem.

It is located near exit 3 (I believe!!) and if you weren’t looking for it you would just walk right past this unassuming place as I most definitely would have if it weren’t for my friend’s keen eye.  Inside you are greeted on the right by the staff as they prepare the noodles and other dishes right in front of you.


Such is the popularity with the locals that you may have to wait to get a seat but boy is it worth the wait!  Upon sitting down we were offered a menu, with English translations, and very quickly you see the wide range of selections as the menu has two sides and with the vast majority of the selections in the 40 to 60 baht range (a little over a pound or under $2USD!)


Personally I’m a carnivore at heart and went for a more meat heavy offering with different kinds of pork, and rice topped off with a brown soy based sauce(?) that also came with a bowl of chicken broth.  Either way it was super delicious and as a side dish I added pork dumplings.  All together this mouth watering meal came to a total of around 90 baht!


SO, if you’re in the downtown Bangkok area near Sala Daeng, I HIGHLY recommend this sweet little place.  The prices were great, we were served swiftly, there was a large selection of dishes, and the portion of the main dish with the side of dumplings was perfect for me as someone who likes to eat a fair bit. This place really is ideal for those wanting breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Check it out and let me know how it goes!