Below is a map of the countries I’ve visited as of December 2015 and countries I hope to visit at some point in the future. You may think it is quite an ambitious endeavor but human existence has been one long effort to do the impossible and go where nobody has stepped foot before. I’ve always been one of those people who look at a map and think about all the places I have yet to go and think about the route I’d take to get to those places.  Sometimes I wonder whether in a past life if I had been an explorer, even if just a member of the crew on those great first expeditions across the globe that helped compress time and space.

For me the planning of the journey is part of the fun. That is not to say ‘going with the flow’ and seeing where I end up is not something I do but I still like to have a rough idea of where I want to go so I may reach the goals I have set myself. It is often how you get somewhere that create some of your most memorable travel stories…whether it is a 26hr bus ride or getting left at the border by your bus leaving you there with nothing more than your wallet and a passport!  The point is you shouldn’t be daunted by maps and the distance you must travel, you should be inspired by the tales you will tell in years to come!


Red is the color of the countries I have visited and blue are the countries I aspire to travel to.

Countries I’ve lived in/worked in/traveled to (in the order I went there):

UK, Canada, France, Belgium, Spain, Japan, Mexico, UAE, Thailand, USA, Vietnam, South Korea, China, Cambodia, Laos, Italy, Vatican City (do people really count it as a country even if it is officially recognized as one?).

As I develop this blog more, I hope to post more detailed interactive maps with the routes I have taken on my travels.